Conference Chairman
Riccardo Mariani
Intel Fellow
Functional Safety
Intel Corporation

As part of Automotive IQ’s Safety and Security Series, this conference will tackle safety challenges of the semiconductor by

  •  Sharing the latest updates on ISO/DIS 26262:11 for competitive edge in functional safety
  •  How to perform an FMEDA on a semiconductor: Get a greater understanding of failure modes, effects, and diagnostic coverages. Learn how to defend engineering judgment used.
  •  Base failure rate and SoC challenges for functional safety
  •  Addressing confidence issues in the use of software tools specifically designed for semiconductors challenges
  •  Analysing fault injection tools to support safety analysis

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Learn from case studies - some of which include:

Fault injection for image sensor use in ADAS systems: a case study

The increase of active safety and automation in road vehicles require image sensors to become compliant with ISO 26262. Safety measures must now be designed into the image sensors products and development processes in order to meet these new demands.

Functional safety applied to semiconductors: an overview of techniques and challenges for the mitigation of random hardware failures

When referring to functional safety applied to semiconductors for automotive applications, usually the first solutions coming in mind to address random faults are those with highest effectiveness. Find the solutions, see the relationship to each other and to an SoC development average constraints.

Applying ISO 26262 in the context of SoC design

An exploration of the impact of semiconductor failure on application, using examples from vehicle traction.

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